Where to Buy Chili Crisp in Guelph, Ontario

Want the perfect finishing touch for your meals? Our Chili Crisp sauce is the answer! Buy online or shop in store at any of these retailers based in Guelph

Our Retail Partners in Guelph, Ontario

Sunday General Store - 11C Suffolk St E, Guelph, ON

Tomme Cheese Shop - 34 Carden St, Guelph, ON

Valeriote Market & Butchery - - 204 Yorkshire St N, Guelph, ON

Market Fresh - 10 Paisley St, Guelph, ON

Can't find the shop you're looking for?

We are proud to share that our Chili Crisp is now available in more than 150 retailers across Canada and the USA. If you can't find the shop you're looking for, you can always order online, or contact us to tell us about your favorite small business.