Sauce Frens

 The best friends are Sauce Frens :) Sauce Frens is a collective of Toronto-based sauce makers focused on making delicious sauces to transform your home cooking. We are currently made up of Super Magic Taste, Whoa Sauces, and Lost in the Sauce Hot Sauces. 


WHOA Spicy Peanut Sauce

Spicy peanut sauce that's sweet, savoury, garlicky and all the good adjectives. This craveable fan-favourite sauce is perfect for dipping fresh rolls (my personal favourite), veggies (cucumbers are my go-to), spreading on sandwiches and mixing with lime or water for a delicious dressing and so much more. 

Learn more about WHOA here.

Lost in the Sauce

Whether you're a seasoned chilli head or just getting started, we've got something for everyone. All of our sauces are all-natural (no chemicals, artificial flavours or ingredients), vegan, gluten-free, and low sodium.

We also emphasize flavour>heat so you can actually enjoy the food you add our sauces to. If our words and pretty pics didn't convince you, click the button below and let the sauce do the talkin' ;).

Explore more and get Lost in the Sauce!

Super Magic Taste

This Chili Crisp is everything you want and nothing you'd expect. Gentle, building heat and a broad spectrum of umami flavours. The story of foods you can add this to is never ending but it stretches across breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and likely a few snacks in between). 

Explore our website to learn more :)

CF Sherway Winterville

Our collaboration will be available for sale at CF Sherway Gardens Winterville Nov 23 to Dec 23, 2023.

Market Hours are Thursday - Saturday 11-7pm and Sundays 11-6pm. Come check out all our delicious sauces and special deals when you buy all three!