Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chili Crisp?

Chili crisp is a delicious condiment made of crunchy almonds and sesame, a mild gochugaru chili, and other flavorful ingredients topped with a bit of oil to add a hint of spice and nuttiness to your dish. 

How spicy is Super Magic Taste?

Unlike most hot sauces and chili crisps, Super Magic Taste has a mild spice factor. It’s got a hint of spice to make your dish flavorful. But you won’t need to stockpile tissues as it likely won’t give you the spice-induced runny nose.

I’m having Super Magic Taste for the first time, what should I put it on?

Ooh, good question! First timers can enjoy Super Magic Taste chili crisp on a wide range of dishes. You can pretend to be a Chef while cooking and experiment and let us know what you put our chili crisp on. However, if you’re stuck on ideas, most of our customers love putting it on eggs in the morning. Salads, vegetables, meat, noodles, pizza, stir fry, rice, and sandwiches, are good options for lunches and dinners. And for dessert, vanilla ice cream and chili crisp chocolate chip cookies. If you own a shop and are looking for an idea for a sampling event, many of our customers love pouring it on top of crackers with cream cheese and drizzling some Super Magic Taste on top.

What’s the Shelf Life? Does it need to be refrigerated? 

Super Magic Taste has a shelf life of one year. It needs to be refrigerated upon opening but can be stored in a room temperature location prior to opening. 

What’s the difference between Chili Oil, Chili Paste and Chili Crisp?

Chili oil tends to be made of only oil and crushed chilis. Chili paste is a paste version of chilis similar to a texture of tomato paste, with a thicker texture. Chili crisp is a condiment of a fried pepper alongside other aromatics that are immersed in oil. 

Is it gluten free?

Yes, Super Magic Taste chili crisp is gluten-free. 

Is it vegan?

Yes, Super Magic Taste chili crisp is vegan. 

What ingredients are in this chili crisp?

In Super Magic Taste’s top-secret recipe, you’ll find Canola Oil, Gochugaru Chili, Almonds, Sesame seeds, Onion, Garlic, Tamari (water, soybeans, rice, aspergillus sojae), Sugar, Salt

What’s so magical about the taste?

We spent months trying to create the perfect chili crisp, and at a certain point we passed the threshold of delicious to create something that truly tasted magical. Our customers agree that when you have your first bite of Super Magic Taste chili crisp, you experience such a concentrated form of flavor that goes beyond just “tasting good” and you’ll find yourself pouring this sauce onto everything you eat. Every bite tastes just like magic. 

Where are you located?

We are based and made in Toronto, Ontario. 

Is your facility certified?

Yes, our production facilities are regularly inspected by public health officials, and all of our products are produced in licensed commercial kitchens. 

Do you have an ambassador program?

We’re currently exploring what a magical ambassador program would look like. In the meantime, you can reach us on Instagram with collaboration ideas if you’re in the food niche. 

Where do you ship?

We currently ship across Canada and the United States. If you’re outside North America, we hope to ship to you soon! We offer free shipping on any 3-pack orders across Canada and the United States. 

How can I sign up for your newsletter?

You can sign-up for the Super Magic Taste newsletter by filling out the email form near the footer of the homepage. Alternatively, you can check the box “Email me with news and offers” when you order from our website.  

My order was damaged. Who should I contact?

Oh no! We’re sorry that your order was damaged on the way to you. You can contact us at

What’s your return policy?

Here’s where you can find the details of our Return Policy

I never received my order.

Oh no! If you haven’t received your order, but your order says delivered, check your mailbox. If your mailbox is empty too, you can contact us at

How can I carry Super Magic Taste in my store?

You can carry Super Magic Taste in your store by filling out our chili crisp wholesale form on our website. From there, someone on our team will connect with you regarding our wholesale pricing, minimum order quantities, and answer any other questions you may have. We’re also open to collaborations with businesses, such as giveaways, sampling events, and any nutty idea you may have. 

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we do! A single jar costs $14 + shipping, our three-pack costs $12.67 per jar. For bulk orders beyond this, you can contact us at

What kind of chilis do you use?

We use gochugaru chilis, which taste fantastic. We chose these chilis because of their subtle heat, and the delicate yet complex flavor that comes from being a sun-dried product. 

How many calories are in a serving?

Super Magic Taste’s chili crisp has 29 calories per 1 tsp serving. 

How much sugar is in a serving?

There is 0.1g of sugar in a serving of Super Magic Taste. A serving size is 1 tsp (5ml). 

How many carbs are in a serving?

There are 0.5g of carbs per serving (1 tsp or 5ml). Fiber is 0.2g and sugar is 0.1g. The carb content is 1% of your Daily Value. 

Can I send Super Magic Taste as a gift?

Yes, you can send Super Magic Taste as a gift. You can change the shipping address to your recipient’s address while writing your own address under billing details. At this time, we don’t offer gift-wrapping or handwritten notes, though. 

How long do orders take to arrive?

Shipping times vary depending on where you’re located. If you’re in Toronto or Southern Ontario, orders tend to arrive in 1-2 days. If you’re closer to Vancouver, orders tend to arrive in 4-5 days. If you’re based in California, you’ll likely receive your order in around a week. All of our orders come with tracking so you can follow along while you wait for your sauce to arrive!

How can I get in touch regarding an order?

Need to get in touch with us regarding an order, feel free to email us at 

How can I get in touch regarding a collaboration?

We love collaborating with food influencers, food bloggers, food brands, and anyone else in the industry. If you’re looking to collaborate with us on social media, you can slide into our DMs @SuperMagicTaste. Otherwise, you can send us an email at