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Chili Crisp

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Our Chili Crisp is everything you want and nothing you'd expect. Gentle, building heat and a broad spectrum of umami flavours. The story of foods you can add this to is never ending but it stretches across breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and likely a few snacks in between).
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Money back guarantee

While we are thrilled to have a 99% customer satisfaction rate, if you don't love our product we offer a money back guarantee.

Vegan and Gluten-free

Our Chili Crisp contains no animal products, and uses gluten-free tamari with no added wheat or gluten.

Made in Canada

All of our products are made entirely in Canada in an inspected commercial facility.

Perfect with every meal

The finisher

Cook your favourite foods as you usually would and add a healthy spoon of Chili Crisp to the finished product. Rice, noodles, eggs, and pasta dishes will never be the same!

The salad transformer

Oil, vinegar, and Chili Crisp turn what-do-we-have-in-the-fridge salads into oh-wow-can-you-share-the-recipe-with-me salads.

The ultimate marinade

Start with your favourite marinade and add a dollop of Chili Crisp to take things to a magical new dimension. Our favourite is soy, mirin, honey, and Chili Crisp on chicken, paneer, or tofu.

The midnight snack

Add Chili Crisp to your favourite snack spread - crackers + cheese, nachos, mixed with mayo as a dip - the list goes on (or you can always have a spoon or two straight from the jar if you're into that).

What people are saying

Just the right level of spice and pairs so well with everything we’ve tried it with.

Kim O

Delicious, strong flavours but not overpowering — a perfect chili crunch!

Alvin D

This condiment will change your life. Things will never be the same again.

Sabrina A
Proud to be small

We work 1:1 with every shop that carries our product, which makes us so happy to share that you can now find our Chili Crisp in more than 150 small businesses across Canada!

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