18 Best Gifts for Foodies That They’ll Love in 2023

18 Best Gifts for Foodies That They’ll Love in 2023

Shopping for a self-proclaimed foodie is no easy feat. After all, they know better than anyone else what tastes good. You can’t just show up with your favourite item, but something that’ll make their taste buds sing for joy. Fortunately, we know quite a bit about what tastes good so we’re going to help you by sharing the 18 best gifts for foodies that they’re guaranteed to love… or maybe become totally obsessed with. So, let’s dive in!

18 Best Gifts for Foodies That They’ll Love in 2023

1. Super Magic Taste Chili Crisp

Bring your salads, vegetables, meat, and any other classic dish to life by drizzling Super Magic Taste’s chili crisp on it. Packed with gochugaru chilli, garlic, almonds, and more, your taste buds will taste the flavour of deliciousness with every crunchy bite. As one of the best gifts for foodies, you can let them be the chef in the kitchen incorporating this sauce as a marinade, cooking oil, salad dressing, or a finishing touch to any dish they create. Challenge your favourite foodie to come up with a recipe with Super Magic Taste’s chilli crisp and share it with the team on Instagram by tagging @SuperMagicTaste for a chance to be featured. 

Super Magic Taste chili crisp

2. Wicked Good Cupcakes

The Shark Tank fan favourite dessert shop is none other than Wicked Good Cupcakes. You’ll find countless flavours, such as classics like vanilla sprinkle or chocolate ganache or seasonal flavours like pride rainbow sprinkle, lemon, or blueberry lemon. You can shop their collection for holidays like Father’s Day or for a big event you’re hosting like a wedding. If you work at a food company with dozens of foodie employees, you can even gift them these cupcakes as part of a corporate gifting bonus.

Wicked Good Cupcakes

3. Sugarfina Champagne Gummies

Some of life’s moments call for champagne. If you’re looking to get a gift for a foodie but think a bottle of your finest champagne is a tad too cliche, you can splurge on Sugarfina Champagne Gummies. They’re a chewable champagne for those looking to mix things up beary much (yup, they’re actually gummy bears!). Made with Dom Perignon vintage champagne, you’ll gobble up the classiest champagne. These gummy bears are available in three flavours: strawberry, brut, and rosé

Sugarfina champagne gummies

4. Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding Cookies

The iconic Magnolia Bakery is one of the most famous bakeries in New York City. Featured in television shows and movies like Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, Veronica Mars, Saturday Night Live, and more. So, if you gift a foodie something from NYC’s best-known bakery, they’ll likely be delighted. You can purchase banana pudding cookies in three different flavours from Magnolia Bakery’s online shop: classic vanilla, chocolate chunk, and confetti. You can also browse their collection of cupcakes, cakes, banana pudding, cheesecakes, or brownies. 

Magnolia Bakery

5. Palm Bites Chocolate Covered Dates

Put a spin on date night with this delicious chocolate covered date box from Palm Bites. You can find various chocolate-y flavours, such as Hazelnut Chocolate, Cashew Chocolate, Walnut Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, and more. The two-bite chocolate covered dates tend to give you the feeling like you’re getting more than what you’ve bargained for, but you can also find one-bite date boxes too. Everything on their online store is made with dates, from brownies to energy bars, so if chocolate covered dates aren’t your thing, you can find other gourmet date products within their collection. 

Palm Bites

6. Magic Spoon

Some foodies like to do deep dives into ingredients lists. Enter Magic Spoon. A healthy breakfast cereal that tastes just like your favourite childhood cereals but with none of the sugar. Yum! Count us in. This premium cereal brand is high protein and keto-friendly making it ideal for the health-conscious. They have various packs with unique flavours, such as Cocoa, Fruity, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Roll, Frosted, Birthday Cake, Blueberry Muffin, and Maple Waffle. You can choose to buy a four-pack of Magic Spoon cereal for the foodie in your life. 

Magic Spoon

7. The Milk Bar Sampler

The perfect gift for foodies should often include a variety of items to help them find a new treat they’ll love. This Milk Bar Sampler is packed with pie, truffles, and some of the best cookies you’ll ever have in your life. Whether it’s a birthday gift or a holiday one, there’s sure to be a treat in this sampler pack that your favourite foodie will love. So buy the pie, cookies, and truffles in this pack. These cookies are not for rookies, but we’re sure they’ll like them too. 

Milk Bar

8. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is one of the most popular coffee brands for those who love gourmet coffee. You’ll find various rich coffee flavours, such as Colombia Coffee Blend, Dark Roast Coffee, Medium Roast Coffee, Dark Spirits Mint Chocolate Whiskey, Vanilla, and more. Their online store is packed with individual or bundled products, so you can splurge and buy a great gift for foodies who are obsessed with coffee. The good news is that their coffee is fair trade and sourced from India and Peru, so if you have a foodie in your life who believes in the ethics behind their cup of java, they’ll appreciate the thought that went behind choosing this coffee brand in particular. 

Death Wish Coffee

9. Vinebox

Vinebox is a monthly subscription wine box that comes with two red wine tubes, two white wine tubes, and two rose wine tubes. If the foodie in your life is a wine connoisseur, you can help them discover new European wines with this monthly subscription. The tubes can be poured into a wine glass so it’s like having six wine glasses worth of wine per month to try out. If the foodie in your life only drinks red wine, then you can encourage them to host a wine party and share the glasses with others. Since foodies typically love eating and drinking for the enjoyment of company, this gift for foodies could be a great way to bring people together and have a good time. 


10. Pipcorn

Pipcorn originally started as a cool popcorn brand that you can buy. However, over time they’ve expanded their collection to include various other products that can be a great gift for a foodie. For example, you’ll find Twists, Cheese Balls, Crunchies, Corn Dippers, and of course they’re classic popcorn too. Within all their product types, there’s tons of great flavours behind the products too. So, if you’re interested in checking out their cheese balls, you’ll find Cheddar, Jalapeno, Spicy Cheddar, and White Cheddar flavours to add some spice or cheesy crunch in every bite. If you feel like splurging for a foodie, you’ll find some products are bundled in a 24-pack for only $40.


11. Craig’s Cookies

Craig’s Cookies come in 6 or 12 packs that make it a perfect gift for a foodie so they can nibble on some of the best-tasting cookies they will ever have in their life. These cookies come in all sorts of fun flavours, such as Strawberries and Cream, Apple Pie, Bueno, Brownie, Cherry Blasters, Ferrero Rocher, Cookies and Cream, M&M, Maple Bacon, Mars Bars, and so many more. Packed with chocolate or your favourite snack inside, you’ll be high off of sugar with every bite. 

Craig's Cookies

12. Olipop

Olipop is a rapidly-growing soda pop with some of the yummiest flavours you could ever try. With soda flavours like Banana Cream, Strawberry Vanilla, Tropical Punch, Ginger Lemon, and more, you probably haven’t seen most of these flavours in the aisles in your local grocery store. Fortunately, you can snatch these up as a gift for foodies who love a bubbly drink jam-packed with unique flavours. You can purchase a case of a flavour you know they’ll love or a variety pack so they can sample from the diverse collection of flavour offerings Olipop carries. 

Olipop Banana Cream

13. Goodles Mac and Cheese

Some foodies look towards the simple pleasures of life: comfort food. Goodle’s Mac and Cheese (and a wide arrangement of other pasta assortment) is great for those looking to find a high protein mac and cheese box with 21 nutrients. Yup, these folks add nutritional value to your classic cheesy dish. You’ll find flavours like Cacio & Pepe, Creamy Cheddar, White Cheddar, Asiago & Parmesan, and even a vegan White Cheddar. You can splurge on a multi-pack to try as many flavours as possible or even purchase pasta on it’s own for the foodie in your life. 


14. Krave Jerky

For the carnivores of the world, you can splurge on a beef jerky gift for the foodie in your life. Unlike most beef jerky brands, Krave offers some pretty interesting flavours to keep your taste buds guessing. From Sweet Chipotle to Black Cherry to Chili Lime, you’ll probably find something among their jerky collection to give to a foodie. Plus, if the person is conscious about the type of jerky they eat, you’ll be happy to know they also offer a whole suite of zero-sugar and plant-based jerky collections, so that no matter what dietary preference your loved one falls under, you’re guaranteed to find something great from this online shop. 

Krave Jerky

15. Soup and Hustle Peanut Sauce

Know someone who’s nuts about peanut sauce? Fortunately, gifts for foodies can include Soup and Hustle’s Whoa Spicy Peanut Sauce. You can transform meals from “meh” to “magnificent” simply by using this sauce to dip in spring rolls or veggies, pouring it all over salads, or spreading it on your favourite sandwich. This sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and savoury with a garlicky twist to it. 

Soup and Hustle

16. South China Seas Trading Co Muso Umami Sauce 

One of the best gifts for foodies is this saucy adventure that’ll rock their culinary world. South China Seas Trading Co’s Muso Umami Sauce Black Garlic Umami Sauce is packed with deliciousness that’ll make your tastebuds soar. Whether you use it as a marinade for meat or fish or as a dipping sauce, you’ll find that meal time becomes the highlight of the day. One bottle of this perfection isn’t enough. 

Muso Umami Sauce

17. Bokksu Snack Box  

Gift a foodie a Japanese snack box to help them discover some of the coolest flavours to ever exist. The snacks you eat in North America tend to be wildly different from what you’ll find in Japan. Exploring other cultures' snacks can be an exciting adventure for your taste buds. Fortunately, Bokksu offers some exciting Japanese snack boxes that you can subscribe to to share with a foodie. You can also find unique boxes like a Hello Kitty-inspired snack box. Who knew there could be a snack box devoted to a beloved cartoon?! So, if you’re looking to share the gift of a cultured snack, consider purchasing a Bokksu Snack box as a gift for a foodie. 

Bokksu box

18. International House of Caviar 

If you know a foodie with some expensive taste, you can splurge and order them some of the finest caviar money can buy through the International House of Caviar. You’ll find caviar for as low as under $50 to over $2,000 in price. Made from Sturgeon, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated with the best caviar online.Their online store also has mini blini and creme fraiche if you’d like to give the caviar connoisseur in your life an unforgettable experience. You’ll be able to choose from caviar in different regions, such as Italy, Canada, Israel, or China. 



The best gifts for foodies will inspire them to try something new and delicious. You can enhance your favourite foodie’s tastebuds with the Super Magic Taste chilli crisp or awaken their inner child with Magic Spoon’s healthy kid-friendly cereal. If you’re thinking of buying Super Magic Taste, you might want to give a quick look over our chilli crisp recipes. You can choose to buy Super Magic Taste in-person at one of our local businesses across Canada and the US in our Where to Buy section. Gift a three-pack of Super Magic Taste to a foodie today (or keep two for yourself).